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As Sec. of State, Jay saved the state at least $300,000 by consolidating or eliminating high paying administrative jobs.
A record, 26.3 million people visited Louisiana in 2012.
In 2012, visitors spent $10.7 billion in Louisiana.
8,000 new tourism jobs were created in 2012.
In 2012, tourism generated $665 million in tax revenue for Louisiana.
Jay authored the Motion Picture Tax Credit legislation in 2002, paving the way for Louisiana to become Hollywood of the South.
Jay served 15 years in the State Senate, four years as Secretary of State and is in his fourth year as Lt. Governor.
Jay saved Louisiana taxpayers $6 million by delaying his swearing in as Lt. Governor.
As. Lt. Governor, Jay eliminated the highest paid position in the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, saving the state $130,000/year.
Jay created a nationally acclaimed law that requires DNA testing for criminals.
Jay passed the law that provides training to move people from welfare to work.
Jay authored the constitutional amendment that created term limits for politicians.
Jay authored laws that put victims’ rights in the state constitution.
Jay fought Gov. Edwin Edwards tax hike while in the State Senate, saving LA taxpayers $500 million.
Jay led the charge to repeal the death tax and the gift tax.
Jay created new laws to fight voter fraud, protected our elections after Katrina and punished election violators.
Jay authored the bill that created the Community and Technical College System in Louisiana.
Jay would be the first person elected Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Louisiana.
Former LSU basketball coach Dale Brown asked Jay to be a walk-on for the Tigers in 1972.
Jay’s oldest son John is a stand-up comedian in Hollywood.
Jay is a cancer survivor.
Jay had the idea for Louisiana’s tourism slogan: Pick Your Passion.
For every dollar Louisiana invests in tourism, advertising and promotion, it receives $17 in return.
Jay was named National Republican Legislator of the Year in 2003.
Jay was Student Body President at LSU in 1976.


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